Br. Phap Luu, speaking from Son Ha, Upper Hamlet, France 2019

Brother Pháp Lưu was ordained as a novice monk on December 13th 2003, and received full ordination as a bhikshu on December 16th, 2006. He received the Lamp Transmission from Thầy to become a Dharma Teacher in 2011. A graduate of Dartmouth College in the United States, he taught English in Madrid, Spain and New Haven, CT before ordaining.He has been active in the Wake Up movement for young people, helping to organize Wake Up Tours in the US, UK and Spain to share mindfulness with young adults at universities. He is involved in the Happy Farm (combining organic farming, community living and the mindfulness practice in Upper Hamlet). He has been working with the Wake Up Schools initiative to bring mindfulness into schools and has a deep aspiration to make the simple practice of mindful breathing and embracing strong emotions available at all levels of education.Brother Pháp Lưu offers Dharma Talks in English, French, and Spanish. While at home in Deer Park Monastery he finds many ways to be with his younger brothers: hiking, mentoring, teaching the Sutras and the Vinaya, and baking bread. He also loves to chop wood, sleep in a hammock, and make guacamole for Lunar New Year.

Music by Joe Riley

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