Parvati interview April 2013- Preview


“As far back as I can remember, music was my way in to the unseen world. I felt like I sang for the angels and wrote music quietly as a child listening to nature. Spirits, angels, flowers, trees had personalities that were alive to me.

Born in Montreal, Canada, I went to a French Lycée, studying music privately. I skipped three grades and was at university at 16. I studied art history and languages at McGill University. There I began to practice yoga and meditation. The following year, I switched to architecture at the University of Waterloo, where l experimented in performance art.

Yoga and meditation were my sanity lines at school. After my degree, I spent a year in India to deepen my practice and complete my first of three yoga teacher programs. There I met my guru Amma, who changed my life completely. I stopped living for other people’s dreams and began to serve the light within, which amplified my connection to the unseen, my gifts as a healer and my love for art.

I returned to Montreal to open a yoga studio and pursue music and got into the spiritual rave scene. Then i moved to Toronto, helped to expand the raves there and opened another studio. Teaching at the University was thrilling and creatively freeing.

But I found ultimate creative freedom in sculpting sound. The character Natamba had been alive in my journals as an alter ego since my trip to India. Natamba represents the multidimensional aspect of us all. The concept for my album and show “YIN: Yoga In the Nightclub” came about organically as an expression of my life rooted in meditation, yoga and music. My life is dedicated to awakening I am consciousness within myself and in all beings.” Parvati


After a near death experience while pursuing her love of music and yoga in India, Parvati returned through the “tunnel of light” charged with a message to share: we are all interconnected as one Earth family. What we do affects the whole, while we are continuously supported by the whole. She returns knowing that life is a gift. This knowledge fuels and inspires all of her work.

Parvati’s joy is to give voice to ancient wisdom in a relevant and modern way. Because she saw on the “other side” how we are all one, she knows that as she amplifies her light, she illuminates the world and ignites others. Parvati’s projects are not about any one individual, but about serving a greater whole.

Known as the “Positive Possibilities lady”, Parvati encourages those who listen to her music and attend her shows and workshops to believe in the revolutionary notion of possibility.

In the fall of 2010, Parvati travelled to the North Pole where she became the northernmost musical performer ever, to help raise awareness of the melting polar ice. When the tsunami hit Japan, Parvati experienced a severe, paralyzing spinal injury, leaving her bedridden. Her recovery was deemed medically miraculous.

Following the popularity of her active blog that candidly shares her inner healing journey and compassionately responds to questions from readers, she launched Parvati Magazine to support those in the conscious community who do similar work in their own way.

Parvati currently tours internationally her show “YIN: Yoga in the Nightclub”, spearheaded by her independent hit “Yoga in the Nightclub”, that inspires audiences to find the Divine everywhere. She has also toured a show called “Natamba”, compared to Madonna meets Cirque du Soleil. While on tour, she teaches workshops on YEM: Yoga as Energy Medicine and sound healing, and provides inspirational talks and individual counselling.

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