Sean Hughes, Penguin’s


Sean Hughes was born 10th November 1965 – 16 October 2017
Two series of Sean’s show were aired on channel four in the 90’s. It was nominated for a comedy award but got beaten by Desmond’s.
Appeared in the music video for Tequila by Terrorvision.
Once kissed Kylie Minogue on MTV.

I support Crystal Palace and tend to believe what people chant at matches. There seems to be a lot of Specsaver reps at games.
I stopped touring for 7 years as I ran out of things to say and wanted to write books. This led to very awkward moments in shops as I mimed shopping lists.

I appeared in ‘They do it with mirrors’ A Miss Marple in 2002. In it I got to say a line that i didn’t think I would ever get to say which was a lot of fun and I feel you should all say it at least once in your life. The line was “I should say”
I appeared in a 3 parter for Channel 5 called ‘So You Think You Can Nurse’ in the early 2000’s. It seems all the patients in my care survived.

I appeared in Coronation Street for a couple of months playing Pat the womanizing travelling salesman.
They never told me what it was he sold but i assume it was small stuff as i was never even given as much as a bag. Viagra would be my guess.

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