Simrit Kaur~ “From the Ancient Storm “

Simrit is an independent artist who runs her own record label, Simrit Kaur Music. She has taken on all the roles of her label, and has recently formed a team that has been crucial in her growth and development. She has released four self-funded albums so far. Two of them have hit the iTunes Top World Charts, with her last self-titled album reaching the #2 spot.
Haunting, Hypnotic, Mystical, and Majestic are just a few of the words that are frequented when describing the music of Simrit.
Born to a Greek singer in Athens, Greece who wasn’t able to take care of children at the time, Simrit was adopted into the United States and raised in South Carolina by another Greek family when she was just over a year old.

She was steeped and studied in the mystical Byzantine music of Greece from a young age and also influenced by the classical and folk music of Greece. She also grew up expanded by the swirling sounds of Nana Mouskouri, Singh Kaur, Led Zeppelin, Mazzy Star, Roots Reggae, Bob Marley, Jeff Buckley, Loreena McKennitt, the devotional music of India and Africa, and many others.

As a child she was joined and raised with a brother with special needs who was also adopted from a different family in Greece. With her unique upbringing with no one in her family that was blood related, Simrit learned at an early age that connection is incredibly deep and profound through the heart and soul.

Her voice has been what she has always experienced as her true connection to herself and others. Simrit’s energy and music have a way of merging the soul, deeply touching people and understanding them.

She is a Renaissance woman who revolutionizes mantra music and uses her music as a contribution for the gathering and healing of the people.

“The Revolution is the courage to be who we really are…to speak our truth in the midst of fear…to be authentic, no matter what people may think or say. It is the strength to walk alone knowing we are not alone, and it is the strength to walk together in the unknown”….Simrit

As listeners describe her music as epic and otherworldly, Simrit’s natural and effortless dance with melody and rhythm continue to inspire an authentic and healing experience. By simply existing within her natural relationship to music, she enchants the listener into a world of wonder and mystery. Simrit’s music brings the depth of the sacred and ancient to the modern, and her timeless sound deeply weaves the listener into an authentic expression of love and inspiration.

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